The God Upgrade

The God Upgrade

Loving Suggestion: Find a quiet place to enjoy this 5 minute cognitive process of reading…….

I have learned through my years of life, that plans and the way I reach those plans are never the way I anticipated them. I’ve noticed that reaching my goals have always come in a way that I thought I did not prefer but God, in His clever and creative ways, shows me every time that my plan will never hold a candle to His. He upgrades life by giving you the desires of your heart in the most mysterious way. The God upgrade to life can often exceed your own imagination. “Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us.”[i]

We often become overwhelmed with the “grind” and the process to reach our goals. Of course big dreams take dedication and sweat equity (that is a power that works in us as well) but still it is important to be wise enough to accept that you cannot and will not control everything. So if we find ourselves in the constant cycle of internal struggle, try releasing the “how” of life to God. Before any relationship with any human your first fidelity should be to yourself and we all at times become our own obstacle.

Strategic Movement

If we can break the mental chain and understand that our way or process without God will only get us so far, then we can learn to live at another level. In the bible, God would speak to David (a young warrior) and give him strategic direction on how to win a battle or war against his enemy. The direction from God was usually unorthodox and to some people may have been considered strange, but it always ended in favor of David with a great win.

This is exactly how God can guide us through life. I always had specific preferences and specific disinterest throughout my life. I realized that from a surface level what I thought I did not prefer was actually perfect and the ultimate desire of my heart. This happened in all types of opportunities and ventures. I always knew it was God because it came without strife. The blessing of the Lord maketh rich and addeth no sorrow with it[ii]. There is so much available and ready for us but it will be hidden until we are open to God’s way, which is outside of our own logic.

Hearing is Believing

Jesus often spoke in parables to the disciples because the mystery of the kingdom was not given for those who did not believe or who did not receive its blessing (Matthew: 13:11). Some people understood those parables and some did not. Same words in a story, but different acceptance led to understanding or the lack thereof.

The gifts of God are similar, same world, different acceptance. One city or person may be considered boring or dry, while to another it is a dream in reality. Same place, different acceptance. This shows the beauty of connection and relationship with God. The internal exploration of who you are in God, changes life experiences. So if you are on a journey and struggling, reset your mind and heart…release your burden to the Lord Jesus Christ. Accept His gift of life…He has a way of making beauty from ashes.


Ari Ready, The Millennial Messenger

[i] Ephesians 3:20

[ii] Proverbs 10:22

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