Time is of the Essence

Loving Suggestion: Find a quiet place to enjoy this 5 minute cognitive process of reading…….

I hope you were happy and I hope you used your time well.”- Alice in Wonderland

People often say “I don’t have time for that” or “I’ll do it when I have some time.” The crazy part about that statement is that time is not yours. You will never “have” time. Time is an opportunity, a gift of grace… it allows you to get it right, have second, third, and fourth chances… it helps you release pain and forget experiences….

As we are approaching into a new quarter of the year, it is always beneficial to take an hour or few and reflect on the past quarter (last 3 months) and evaluate your works and your growth. When you have a specific vision and goal for your life, you know how to conduct your day, it maps the hours you spend on various things as well as how to operate. Every action you take from the time you wake up, how you wake up, how you wind down from a day and the internal intentions and affirmations you set for yourself; should all work together as a step toward your goal and vision. Most people take goal setting and vision casting only in their career or business, but take an inventory of your life in all aspects, from your mind (have you fed it with great reading and meditation?) to your spirit (have you spoken and read the Word?), to your soul (did something/someone hurt you? How will you adjust to take the time to heal?).


All facets of your being deserve the time to Selah, to pause, and reflect and adjust. Without a clear vision for every facet of your life and every angle of your being, life can seem confusing and unclear and just a routine act. God’s intention for your life is grand, and as you press forward towards your greatness and bloom, remember that the weeds will always come and try to take your harvest. Don’t allow your sown seeds and sweat equity to be in vain. Be mindful that time is not yours to have, be strategic in your moves and take the time to understand those moves. The “how” of life is not always clear, but that is God’s duty, just be sure to do your due diligence and watch it unfold. I encourage you today to write your vision for the next year or 5 years and get crystal clear for the next quarter as well. The Word says, “Where there is no vision, the people perish”[i]

God is the master of life and He shows His mercy through TIME. Time is your chance to fulfill the greatness in you. Use it wisely…. Waste none of it.

From my Heart to Your Heart,

Ari Ready

[i] Proverbs 29:18

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