Heartbreak Humbles You

Loving Suggestion: Find a quiet place to enjoy this 5 minute cognitive process of reading…….

Self-Love is not only necessary and good, it is a pre-requisite for loving others”.-Rollo May

Ari Ready, Are We Ready? This pun & play ask the question to our mysterious purpose. Everyone is a student of life, whether you want to be or not. Life has a mandatory enrollment and the way you navigate through it determines your fate. Yes we have all made a few or more wrong turns, but how often do you we pause to see what caused us to make that turn?

The rollercoaster of life brings happiness, sadness, highs and lows. At some point in ours lives we may experience broken relationships, friendships, endeavors and dreams. Through this brokenness births a possible voyage to seek out the answers through books, videos, podcast, and motivational speeches.

The one thing I appreciate about brokenness is that heartbreak humbles you, and for the believer, it reconciles you to the one who is greater than life itself: God. God’s strength is made perfect in our weakness[i]. Brokenness causes you to re-evaluate and recalculate on the decision that brought you to this moment. I read about an infamous late artist Basquiat, who sold million-dollar paintings in his twenties. Although he had fame and success he still flirted and loved things that destroyed him and cause his abrupt death in a drug overdose. How is it that the rich or famous find destruction in their home? No true love. The true source of love (God) guides and shows you how to treat yourself.

Heartbreak: The Teacher

Through my own brokenness I learned the urgency for change. I lost myself in serving and loving others and trying to fulfill a void that only God could fill. When I made an intimate commitment in devotion to God, I learned about myself. I finally started to understand how I was made and I learned to handle myself accordingly straight from the One who created me. Your heart, your mind, your thoughts, lips, hips and fingertips are sacred, valued, and treasured. While people may downplay these things, they are all connected.

When one part of you is abused, the other parts are also affected. I would be a fool to believe this it is not true, because life has taught me this lesson over and over again.

My conscious personal journey allows me to enjoy time with my Heavenly Father, and I get the lesson plan for the divine navigation through the purpose of my life.

As a believer, every misstep, mistake and shameful experience was good for me as all things- both good and bad are working and serving me[ii]. I believe and I love God, and commit to this top priority relationship we have. I challenge you to embark on the most beautiful relationship that can ever be found and is forever. God is eternal.

Be open to the greatest love by taking time to devote in thought, prayer and meditation on the Word of God. Man/Woman are guaranteed to fail you, once you understand that, your faith cannot and will not be in yourself or your own works but will be in the One who matters: Jesus Christ. In Him life has no conclusion[iii]

So in honor of Love, choose yourself, learn who and whose you are, check in to your self-discovery through the greatest love of all: Jesus Christ. Perfect Love cast out all fear……. Perfect real love is a decision, the choice is yours….

From My Heart to Your Heart,

Ari Ready

[i] 2 Corinthians 12:9

[ii] Romans 8:28

[iii] Marvin Winans song

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